About Me



James Hester is an historian specializing in early European history. Graduating summa cum laude from Salem State College with a BA in Public History, he relocated to the UK to complete his MA in Medieval Studies at the University of York. He later joined the staff of the Royal Armouries Museum, where he was appointed their Curator of Tower Collections at HM Tower of London in 2010. James has engaged in collaborations with individuals and organisations dealing with challenges ranging from defence policy to disaster relief and appropriate technology, encouraging long-view thinking and bringing relevant historical insights to bear on current issues.

He has served as historical consultant to global resilience guru Vinay Gupta (founder of the Hexayurt Project) on several security and resilence projects concerning the nature of the State and political fragility in the US and EU. He participated in the acclaimed Urgent Evoke project, a combination online game/think tank aimed at offering solutions to disasters and resource-centric challenges.

James is also a member of The ETHOS Network, The Dark Mountain Project, UK Pirate Party Defence Policy Working Group, The Edgeryders Network, and the greater community supporting the US National Defense University’s STAR-TIDES initiative.

Most recently, he contributed insights on long-term technological impacts and European political scenarios towards The Global Cyber Game: The Defence Academy Cyber Inquiry Report, released by The Defence Academy of the United Kingdom.