22 April 2013

I have had the honour of being profiled as the ETHOS Network’s Member of the Month for April! Some rather good questions asked (and rather good responses, if I do say so myself). See the write-up here.

7 September 2012

There are two events coming up which I will be attending.

On 21 September, I will be at the Designing Global Governance for Sustainability Conference at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

From 2-5 October, I will be in Washington DC for the 6th Annual STAR-TIDES Fall Field Demonstration.

Both events promise to be most interesting. If you’re going to be there as well, take the opportunity to track me down for a chat.

See you there perhaps!

5 July 2012

An updated version of ‘The Three Lessons of History’ will be appearing in the upcoming third issue of Dark Mountain. The crowd-funding campaign has been a roaring success, and the book is set to be released in August. I’ve been a supporter of the Dark Mountain Project since its inception, so I am honoured to have the opportunity to emerge from the shadows and get something in print under their banner.

2 March 2012

I am pleased to announce that The Future We Deserve, an anthology of essays edited by the eminent sage and weirdo, Vinay Gupta, is finally available for download and purchase. The book features 100 essays by thinkers of all types, each outlining part of their visions for the future. My contribution, ‘Of Arms and the Man’, which proposes a world in which it is possible to be armed yet peaceful, is my first publication apart from this site carrying the Applied History banner. Please show your support by reading and/or purchasing this thought-provoking work.

28 February 2012

This evening I presented my talk, ‘The Three Lessons of History’ at Truth & Beauty, a lecture series hosted by Hub Westminster. A video of the talk can be found here. I must apologize in advance, however, as I am not depicted in my most coherent state. I had just that morning arrived in London after an overnight flight from Boston, so a lovely cocktail of jet-lag and sleep-deprivation contributed to a fascinating mindset in which to talk about such things. Thankfully there was whiskey on hand, so that helped.